Wednesday, 29 July 2015

glue and crumple ... WOW !!

I only managed a couple of wrecking prompts this week ...

glue random items here
ie. things you find ... on the street ... and everywhere
"during those few days she had spent in London"

mostly I stuck in "stuff" I found on the pavements in London
a Hamlet cigar paper, a scuffed Iron Man II sticker
a leaf and a clothes tag with a big red cross on it

things not from the pavement ...

a scuffed image of our young queen (with suitable headwear)

and this badge commemorating the coronation
(which once belonged to pop artist Peter Blake ... bought at one of his shows)

and the "crumple" page
page torn out ... crumpled ... and glued back in the journal

thank you for following along ♥